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Rajshahi stands to the north of the mighty and turbulent river Padma creeps numerous historical incidents and witnesses a land of tradition. The heart of the Padma is palpitated through Rajshahi Metropolitan area. The greatness of the Padma creates a kind of a craving adoration for the metropolitan from the south. Boalia and Poba police stations under the then Rajshahi district were entrusted to maintain security and safety of life and property as well as to uplift discipline, which has now been mandated by the Rajshahi Metropolitan considered as a hub of education. With a view to introducing modern, pro-people, and appropriate policing system, the Rajshahi Metropolitan police began its inception on 1 July in 1992.

The jurisdiction of Rajshahi Metropolitan Police covers the total areas under Rajshahi City Corporation, a portion of Katakhlai and Nowhata municipalities, parts of Horian, Parila, Horipur, Damkura, Borogachi unions under Poba upazila including some partial areas of Yousuf Union under Charghat Upazila. A total land area of 472 KMs circumscribes the Rajshahi metropolitan followed by a population of 10,10, 020. Puthia and Charghat Police stations are in the east, Poba police station is in the south-west direction and the frontier of West Bengal of India is to the South of Rajshahi Metropolitan.